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English and
Japanese design,
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Some emails from on-line sales

This is from R.G. a customer who bought a DB coat and some chino from us....




I received the clothes and what can I say?... Perfect, perfect, perfect!

They all fit perfect, amazing. Wonderful, superb fabrics.


I guess I must be one of the luckiest men on earth :) Thank you so much for your offer, help and support; let's keep in touch.

Have a good weekend!


Best wishes,




And this one is from T, T is a long time customer, first spoke to him through the mail list:


'Received the parcel yesterday. The chinos looks great! Also, thank you for the buttons.


and another one from, NJ, we spoke through SF and the mail list,


Hi Neil,

package just arrived. Waistcoat and jeans fit very well (a bit baggier than expected, but I'm cool with that).

The NB chinos in size 34 though are impossibly tight. Can't even get the button closed. Fits like the NC naval pants in 34, which must be more like a 32 in the real world. Really really disappointing as I almost audibly gasped as I unpacked them, they are just so nice!

Let me know about february. No big deal, but it would be nice to say hi!




we are VERY lucky to have customer who tlak to us about the clothing, I thank them for all they do for us.



web shot from a customer, Breaches and shop waist coat


Can't wait to see them worm in, thank you so much for your kindness






Happy customer from the UK

OK Neil?

How refreshing to receive your mail instead of the usual impersonal, corporate shill cobblers one tends to get, have to admit to being fairly new to your label, got myself a chino Sub jacket earlier this year whose fit/style is so perfect for me its almost as though it was made to measure! Anyway, that prompted me to joing your mailing list & boy, am I now glad that I did!

Mailing you back in the hope that you still have some of these fine pieces available - specifically the Medical jacket in Navy Herringbone, size L - if not the navy hopsack will suffice.

Really respect what you're doing with ARN Mercantile and as I said more power to your elbow - hopefully I'll be able to raise some funds with which to avail myself of more of your quality clobber before the years out or it all goes but we'll start with that Medical jacket for now, please.


Let me know if you need any further info & I look forward to hearing from you soon.






A nice email from a customer, thank you

Hello ARN


       I found one of your chinos in a store in Zürich. I'm more that pleased. They are fantastic. It must be around 30 years ago that I pruchased a pair of chinos of equal material and fit. But the comfort, how these chinos react to movement is unique.     








from a very nice man in Zurich, the store is VMC, a very nice store!